Poem | Five Short Years

Just five short years since first we met,
Since I held you in my arms.
Like a creature of water, warm and wet
But still those eyes I knew,
As if you’d been there all along
And you, it seemed, knew too.

It’s been such fun getting to know
The things you like to do,
The way you prefer things ‘just so’
The way you frown if no.
Your spirit of adventure,
Self confidence it’s true,
Has always been there from the start
It makes us envy you.

You’re such a friendly soul.
The fact you are alone
It makes no odds to you it seems.
“Mummy, call ‘x’ on the phone”
You used to say to me.
“Let’s have them round to play,
You’ll like a chat over some tea”

The first time you stood up,
Your first sweet words to me.
Each milestone is so precious
Don’t you know? Especially to me.
For being your Mummy means so much
To hear that word from you -
It fills my heart, which bursts with joy
I hope you know that’s true.

We have our moments that’s for sure
When you’re determined to butt heads
Your logic and persistence both
Will stand you in good stead.
But if I teach you anything
I’d like it to be this
You’re perfect just the way you are
As I bestow a little birthday kiss…!

About Mayfair Mum

Writing for fun about our adventures raising a Little Chap.
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6 Responses to Poem | Five Short Years

  1. Awww, happy birthday to your boy. You describe the emotions of parenthood very well. #prose4T

  2. PookyH says:

    Oh this is just perfect. I love it and your precious boy will be able to enjoy this for many years to come x

  3. This is one of the best Mum to child poems I’ve ever read. Beautiful. Happy belated birthday to your boy. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought and for all your support this year x

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