Poem | Open Arms

Prose for Thought

My greatest fear is losing you
Your love, your faith, your trust.
And each day as I hold your hand
Invest in that, I must.

Try harder to see life your way
Each challenge and frustration
But teaching you of consequence
That lesson’s of my station.

It upsets me to see you cry
Your tears they score my heart
Though hard it is, I have to try
To give you the best start.

For if you do not learn these
Lessons I must share
Hard times ahead for you it seems
In that big, bad, world out there.

Though these lessons they are hard for you
I promise, Son, that I
Will always open my arms to you
When your wrong choices make you cry.

About Mayfair Mum

Writing for fun about our adventures raising a Little Chap.
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2 Responses to Poem | Open Arms

  1. Lovely words, my son is 13 it is hard but so worth it, x

  2. It’s so hard because – like you – I don’t want Grace to get big and leave me but I also need to make sure that she has my trust and support. Such fantastic words that really resonate with me. Thank you for linking to Prose For Thought x

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