PR & Disclosure

If you have a press enquiry, would like to collaborate commercially with Mayfair Mum or would like to contact me about anything I have written on my blog, I would love to hear from you at


DesktopI am very happy to work with PR agencies and brands, as long as your product, service or requirement is a good fit for me, my family and my blog. I am only interested in cultivating professional relationships and would ask you to be respectful in your approach. Do read a few pages of my blog before you get in touch and please bear in mind that while I do read all emails received, I am unable to respond to each one personally.

I work part-time as an Executive Assistant in Mayfair, London and live with my husband and our son (born just before Christmas ’08) within an hour’s commute not far from leafy HarrowWe would be enthusiastic advocates of quality food produced locally or in the UK and of great places to eat it or healthy eating ideas. We also enjoy fun and educational ways to spend our pitifully brief leisure time together (e.g. theatre, films/DVDs, iPad apps, quality, age appropriate toys and board games, particularly construction toys and creative arts and crafts activities). I am a dreadful photographer, so any innovations in photography or technology that might improve this for me would also be received enthusiastically.

I am particularly passionate about books and reading to Little Chap in particular, so we’ll happily road test age appropriate offerings and would love the chance to help promote any literacy initiatives (adult or child).

I deliberately limit the number of paid or review type posts to ensure quality material for my readers and maximum exposure for your promotion. My posts are promoted across Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest and blogger networks (MumsNet, NetMums, LoveAllBlogs).

Terms & Conditions

I am legally and morally obliged to blog with integrity, and owe it to my readers to let them know when a post contains someone else’s words or pictures, so I adhere to the following rules as provided by BritMums:

I will always…

  • Make transparent any relationships with products or companies;
  • Clearly label advertising, advertorial and/or sponsored posts;
  • Always write as truthfully as possible about a product or company;
  • Observe intellectual property rights.

And I prefer to only embed “No Follow” links in my posts.


Any and all copyright and other intellectual property rights (IPRs) in any material contained on this website is owned by me, Mayfair Mum. All rights are expressly reserved. This website and the material it contains is for your own personal use only, including viewing and printing a single copy. If you wish to use any of the text or images found within this website, please email me at the address above. Thanks.


I am an Amazon Affiliate. If you click on any of the Amazon links embedded in my posts and make a purchase I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. But first, please try your library or local independent book shop.

Other ways to Contact Me

Follow me on Twitter @MayfairMum or keep up with me on Facebook, PInterest and Goodreads

I look forward to hearing from you!

Mayfair Mum x

Comments make me happy. Share a link to your own post on the subject or just have your say here. I always try to respond x

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