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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I am normally the first to jump up and down and do a hula dance as we herald British Summer Time and the longer, lighter evenings but even my usually unlimited enthusiasm for this positive time of year is dampened by the enduring bitter cold. Seriously, did someone move Mayfair Towers to Siberia when I wasn’t looking? Britain was colder than Lapland this weekend FFS! Continue reading

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What did the kids really want for Christmas?

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…as the survey also found that a whopping 79% of us parenting types said they thought creative play was fundamentally important for our children’s development, here are my three top tips for making it happen without compromising on the colour of your sofa covers! Continue reading

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Book Review | Little Books for Little Stockings

I don’t think I need to tell you how much I love books or how important I think bedtime stories are in helping children to learn to read and develop a life long love of learning from books full stop. So you can imagine my pleasure when Egmont, the children’s publisher of such delights as Thomas the Tank Engine, MR. MEN and other favourites, sent me an early Christmas gift of three of their new Christmas titles… Continue reading

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Film Review | TOM AND JERRY Tricks & Treats (U)

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We’re powering through half-term here in the Mayfair Mum household. We’ve had a lot of fun. A trip up north to see Great Grandma, a morning in the Science Museum, a lovely Autumn walk to play Pooh Sticks in autumn … Continue reading

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Listography | What Makes Christmas “Christmas”?

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In the run up to Christmas, while reading my regular dose of Reluctant Housedad, he linked me to Kate Takes 5, a writer I’ve stumbled across a few times before. Always witty and amusing, she doesn’t do things by halves, … Continue reading

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What do Christmas Cards Mean to You?

I’ve written Christmas cards this week and I find it a difficult task at the best of times. There’s all that writing with a pen for one thing. My handwriting is usually not too bad, but by the time I’ve finished … Continue reading

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