Nappy Days

So today started well enough. The Little Chap was happy to get up and dress himself, which as any working mum will tell you, is A Good Thing! A working mother’s stress levels can rocket at this time of day, depending entirely on the level of co-operation displayed by the Little One/s in question! Looking back, babies seem easier as they just tend to go with the flow, but come age one or so, they start to develop a mind of their own and boy, by age two do you know about it!

The Little Chap is less inclined to have his nappy changed than ever these days, which is an additional stall on the morning’s hectic schedule, so I’ve pencilled in “Potty Training” for when we get back from our hols in August. I think with preschool approaching in December we ought to have a crack (it’s a pre-requisite, so no stress there then!). All signs of readiness are also in place if you believe the books, blogs, websites etc etc. He can talk, understand a command (doesn’t always action it, but he is two!), dress/undress himself and has that vital awareness. So watch this space…

Despite the good start, I had a hectic morning, ending with a very pleasant impromptu sandwich lunch with an ex-colleague instead of the coffee I’d overlooked (oops!) first thing… Yup, managing a “work” diary alongside a “personal” diary works just fine for me thanks – it only goes horribly wrong when I put the work things in the personal diary or vice versa (groan, such a rookie mistake!).

I got home to find The Little Chap wide awake and very chatty wanting to tell me all about his adventures with the grandparents this morning! I listened intently while simultaneously trying to say goodbye and thank my mother-in-law, change into something more comfortable, prepare a snack and a drink for The Little Chap and then plan our route to a park where we’d arranged to meet friends.

The park in question was King George V Recreation Ground in Bushey, to be precise. George V is a lovely big park with excellent facilities for children including a playground, sandpit, paddling pool and cafe.

So, this is where the day really started to get on top of me! It was a 15-20 minute drive away and I thought I knew the first half of the route. I’d printed out directions for the last bit of the route that I didn’t know so well. Trouble was, it turned out I didn’t know the first bit at all, I was thinking of a completely different journey (someone tell me how that happens and why only when I’m already running late?). So yours truly ended up taking two wrong turnings only to discover the right turning closed to oncoming traffic!

So having driven at least two miles further than necessary, and probably used up most of the petrol I’d stopped for en route, I followed diversion signs and got back on track. I then discovered the last line of my directions referred to completely the wrong road name, so I ended up driving around in circles before eventually taking the “wrong” road, which was actually right! Grr!!! I’m afraid The Little Chap learned one or two choice phrases this afternoon! 😛

I’ll have to keep you posted on whether that one comes back to haunt me another day!!

Keep smiling. It’s all madness.

Mayfair Mum x

© Mayfair Mum, 2011

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