Little Chap Said…Toddler Talk

I always said I’d keep a note of all those delightful comments our son makes. You know the sort of thing – like when he gets his words back to front or says something utterly unique and delightful from his own little person’s perspective. The funnies that I want to save up for when his girlfriends come round for dinner…!

Well here are some of Little Chap’s best, captured forever for posterity.

Age | 26 months

Playing with wooden railway:

Little Chap: “Is he waiting for the sniggle (signal) to change Daddy?”
I have to admit I loved this one! I’m actually a little sad that he learned to say it properly not long after. Though its invaluable to have such a good talker at such a young age, for obvious reasons, and I’m soooo proud of Little Chap for being so articulate so early in life (hey! they’re monosyllabic by 13 right!?), I do miss hearing that baby babble and baby talk! :-(

Age | 29 months

During an early evening thunderstorm:

Little Chap: “I don’t like it when God moves the furniture about Mummy…I like it when he brings us nice things, like chocolate and flowers”

At Easter:

Mayfair Mum: “What do you like best about Easter?”
Little Chap: “God and Father Christmas and the…the…Mouse”
Mayfair Mum: “Do you mean the Easter Bunny…?”
Little Chap: “Yes! (grins) He’s going to bring chocolate.”

Age | 2 years, 5 months

At his friend’s 2nd birthday party, while solemnly munching a large piece of chocolate birthday cake:

Little Chap: “Some people come…some people go…”

During a heavy thunderstorm:

Little Chap: “Sorry I made it thunder Mummy”
Mayfair Mum: You didn’t make it Thunder, darling!”
Little Chap: “Thunder’s like you when you’re cross Mummy, it rumbles alot”

On waking up:

Little Chap: “I want huggles, Daddy. I’ve had enough of Mummy!”

On Mayfair Mum’s return home from work:

Little Chap: “I went to Grandpa’s today! He was lowing the mawn Mummy!”

At lunch, being offered a pot of yoghurt:

Little Chap: “I’ll like rhubarge (rhubarb) please”

Age | 2 years, 9 months

At bathtime:

Little Chap: “Mummy, my other leg is alright” (He’d grazed his knees earlier that day and was having the usual difficulty bracing himself to put them both under the water!)
Mayfair Mum: “Well, thank goodness you’ve got one working eh?”
Little Chap: “Yes, otherwise I’d be a mermaid Mummy!”

Mayfair Mum x (& The Little Chap!)

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