Guest Post | Taking the Week Off!

All the best laid plans!

I had this week’s post down at least a week in advance. I even had two options drafted but I junked one and decided I have enough to say on the topics in the other one to turn one post into three, so tonight I’ve decided to keep it simple (Who, me?).

Anyway, the reason I had this week so well planned is this… Today I guest blogged somewhere else!

Typing on a Laptop — Image by © Kathy Collins/Corbis

Yes. That’s right. I’ve done the dirty on Mayfair Mum and skipped on over to write on someone else’s blog! No, that’s a good thing. Not only does it mean that someone actually likes what I write enough to read it herself, but she is willing to share the love and promote it on her own website.

Owning Kristina has 100 times more readers than Mayfair Mum does right now, so I admit to feeling a little nervous (in a good way I think) as I prepare to hit the Publish button tonight. So forgive me a little frisson of excitement as I invite you to join me over at Owning Kristina for a quick read and to please check out her fabulous blog while you’re there. Kristina sells beautiful cards and she writes beautiful things. What more can I say?

I really hope you like it and don’t forget to tell us both what you think!

Mayfair Mum x

© Mayfair Mum, 2011

2 thoughts on “Guest Post | Taking the Week Off!

  1. That is your best yet – you should be very proud Em, I am…Also think it is so amazing how differently and uniquely we have all been made. I have never been afraid of giving birth but I couldn’t put something I had written out there…

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