Blog Hop | Reasons to be Cheerful… 1,2,3!

Today I am posting my first linky to a Friday blog hop – this one from Mummy from the Heart who has a really positive plan for 2011 – to focus on all the things she is grateful for.

I totally get this idea and thought I might give it a try. So here goes. My reasons to be cheerful this week:

  1. A great night in with friends – on Saturday night Mayfair Dad and I entertained some of our lovely new Mummy & Daddy friends Chez Nous. We all had such a good time they were late home for the babysitter!
  2. Great new Mummy friends – Monday was a bit of a rough day and one of my new Mummy friends was there with the support I needed when I reached out. It made it just that bit easier to handle, and I went to bed feeling less alone, so big love to her!
  3. A swanky night out – on Tuesday, Miss Jones (a PA support website I signed up to just last week) invited me to an exclusive dinner with three of her friends at THIRTY SIX in St James. I will write in more detail about the evening in a future post but suffice to say the venue was fabulous, the company lively and interesting and Michelin star chef Nigel Mendham’s food was truly to die for. Very grateful for this as it kind of fell from the sky (well the world-wide web anyway!).
  4. Great childcare – on Wednesdays the Little Chap goes to his day nursery, while I am at work doing the 9-5. It is almost a year since he made his first transition from babies class to toddlers and now he has started his induction for pre-school, where he will go 2.5 days a week from December/January. By all accounts he had a fabulous time during his brief visit last week and he even came away with a fairy cake that he had iced all by himself, but this week he didn’t seem so sure. I’m just so grateful that he now feels so secure with his lovely key worker in the toddler room which helps me feel secure that they will do all they can to see him through this next stage in his life with minimal heartache and fuss.
  5. Brit Mumsthis evening (Thursday) I checked out my new profile on this great social network website especially for Mummy Bloggers like me! I already had a friend request waiting (so I don’t feel so like Norma No Mates!) and have signed up to loads of groups for more information and inspiration to make Mayfair Mum even better!

What are your #R2BC? If you would like to take part click on the pretty badge below and share yours. What a great way to finish the week! Thanks for the inspiration and gratitude MftH!

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Mayfair Mum x

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