Emergency Tea!

Today I thought I’d share my emergency tea with you ‘cos everyone needs a winner like this! Mine was actually my mother-in-law’s suggestion. I can’t remember exactly when she suggested it but I do remember that it was exactly what was needed at the time.

Emergency TeaYou know what I mean – when you’ve had one of those particularly trying days. Maybe your Little One didn’t eat any lunch and you’ve had such a busy afternoon it’s no surprise they’re too tired to eat any tea! You however, are desperate for them to eat something just so you know they will sleep through the night and allow everyone else to catch up and start the day well again tomorrow.

Well, today was just such a day! The Little Chap was out of sorts all day – throwing an uncharacteristic wobbly at the slightest sign of not getting his own way. He had a toddler music group this morning and although lunch was in good time to avoid any lack of appetite due to exhaustion, it wasn’t quite to his taste (cauliflower cheese) so two mouthfuls later he decided he’d rather have a nap than finish it.

My rules are strictly ‘no main course, no pudding’ so when he got up I offered him a beaker of milk, which he drank most of. We just had time to make biscuits and then we had to leave them cooling while we nipped to the doctors for an appointment at 4.30, only to have to wait an hour to be seen. We then had to wait to get a prescription made up, by which time it was nearly six o’clock! Tea is usually served 5-5.30ish in our house, so I was pretty sure the slightly irritating behaviour exhibited by the Little Chap was probably a combination of boredom, tiredness and hunger!

So it was with great relief that I saw I had some nicely overripe bananas to mash onto some toast and honey. This “rescue” dish is so sweet and appetising that even the most exhausted toddler can’t resist taking one bite, which instantly seems to re-energise them enough to at least finish, if not eat more as well. Today, not only did he polish off two slices of wholemeal toast with a little honey and mashed banana, but he went on to drink all his beaker of milk, eat a freshly made chocolate chip cookie and a fromage frais and a packet of crisps!

I have to admit to indulging in a few slices myself – but not the rest I might add (including the chocolate chip cookie!). It’s also perfect for reviving a flagging mummy with a cup of tea and it counts as one of your five-a-day!

With huge thanks to my mother-in-law!

Mayfair Mum x

© Mayfair Mum, 2011

2 thoughts on “Emergency Tea!

  1. Ha. When I was about 7 and staying with my Godparents I was asked what I would like for breakfast and – to be as awkward and controversial as possible- I demanded banana on toast! Imagine mu surprise when, rather than objecting, they made the toast, found some honey to stick it on and sliced the banana onto it. Luckily it was yummy – luckily because I had never had it before, was not expecting it to be provided and was then committed to having it for breakfast every time I visited until I was about 20! Texture wise I’m not sure I could handle it mashed – but I still have it using sliced ” Only just ripe bananas” .
    An alternative for older kids perhaps ! x

    • I’d slice it too if I remembered to make it with just ripe fruit, like you say.
      To be honest, as we always seem to have over ripe bananas I just take the lazy way out, keep my fingers clean and pulverise them!

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