Gosh! An Award Already?!

I’ve won an award!

F, the Italian bella at From Fun to Mum and Trouble’s Mum at Trouble Doubled have both kindly bestowed this honour upon me (*bows*).

All I have to do to win it is to post seven things you didn’t know about me before and invite another ten-fifteen wonderful bloggers to take part! So here goes…

  1. I never went travelling as a student. Not because nobody asked or I didn’t want to see the world but ‘cos I couldn’t bring myself to slum it. It made it harder to see the world as fast as everyone else, but when I have travelled at least it usually involves a comfortable bed – I could have stayed at the Four Seasons, San Francisco forever.
  2. A dog peed on my sleeping bag! My friend had an impromptu New Year’s Eve party in our last year at school. The sort that starts out as a few girlfriends, a few bottles of beer and a pack of cards and turns into the place to be for everyone you know and their mates too. Needless to say her poor dog hadn’t been found a refuge for the night and some idiot filled her water bowl with beer – the result being that those of us sleeping over (me!) not only had to put up with a night on the floor and a hangover from hell but also an incontinent dog sleeping at my feet!
  3. I got engaged at 21 and married at 23 What can I say? He asked. I loved him enough to know even then that my life with him would be as good as it has been every day since. Still do. He’s always been my best friend and never once broken my heart. I’ll trust him to the day I die. Aw!
  4. I might one day buy a Kindle There’s just something so sad about the thought of a world without books. I’m a classicist – words on a page are the very proof of our civilisation. Thinking that though, we’ve used different materials through the ages – stone tablets, papyrus, paper and now an LED screen. I guess it’s called progress. But I do worry about the impact of another screen on my poor eyes…they aren’t getting any younger!
  5. I have had a pen pal for almost thirty years My late grandfather was an inspiration to most of his family. A first class electrical engineer and a senior member of the Post Office before he retired in the early seventies, he was also a keen amateur radio enthusiast. One of his pre-WWII contacts was from Gdansk in Poland. My grandfather met Polish Ham just before war broke out and stayed in touch after the Iron Curtain fell until Polish Ham’s death. When I was 10, Polish Ham’s grand-daughter wanted a penfriend to practice her English on and I volunteered. I consider her family and we’re still in touch despite family distractions – it tends to be just Christmas cards and Facebook though these days!
  6. I’ve not yet travelled to Poland Yes, I know. I am ashamed of this fact. Enough said.
  7. I am really struggling to find a seventh ‘interesting’ fact Not because I am not interesting (I hope!) but because there are too many people I know in real life reading this and most of my secrets are far too juicy – so maybe they’re best saved for an anonymous post somewhere else one day…!

Now to tag some other lovely bloggers for this award. Don’t forget to take some time to visit From Fun to Mum and Trouble Doubled to follow the trail of awards around the blogosphere! You never know who you might bump into! Here goes:

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© Mayfair Mum, 2011

11 thoughts on “Gosh! An Award Already?!

  1. Nice to see you were married at 23, I married my wife when she was 23, and I have often thought she might have been young and naive and come to here senses by 30, but lucky for me, we are still going strong 14 years later… Probably because I cook her dinner every night 🙂

  2. Thanks for setting me apart from the rest. Totally undeserved, I have to say… I’ve done this so often I don’t think there are 7 things left to know. I’ll just have to start making things up 🙂

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