Choosing a Baby Group

Now Little Chap is three, he is increasing his hours at nursery and will be moving into the pre-school room, where he will be for two and a half days a week until he starts in the pre-prep nursery next September. This momentous date will see my baby enter the next phase of his life. School! That will bring to an end, the magical few hours a week that we have enjoyed together at various mother and baby groups, since he was eighteen months old.

Not only has he developed new skills – signing, listening, language, social, behaviour and self discipline as well as physical skills like agility and balance, I think he has enjoyed this as “our” special time too. I know that I have enjoyed watching him go for it, loved being his protector on those few times it was just all too much and especially encouraging and praising my little performer from the sidelines. More than that though, we have both met some lovely like-minded parents who have become firm friends.

Here are a few of the Little Chap’s favourites:

  • Sing & Sign – This was just the best baby class I’ve been to yet. Babies get a good length class of catchy action (signing) songs and Mums get a bonus of 10-15 minutes of chat time afterwards, while the little ones play. There was tea & coffee too! Only drawback is that they can’t stay on beyond age 2 and a half! Loads of reasonably priced merchandise available to practice at home too – books, CDs and DVDs and the world-famous Jessie Cat!
  • Cartwheels Preschool Gym – A great way to introduce a bit of co-ordination to your toddler’s life. The Little Chap was so much steadier on his feet and confident on the assault course after just one term. Great, friendly class instructors too.
  • Creative Fun Factory – The Little Chap love, love, loves this class! Lots of action songs and props (Incy-Wincy Spiders, Ride-A-Cock-Horse, animal masks, baby duck finger puppets, shakers, bells, balls, bubbles, the list goes on…) and best of all is the Cheeky Monkey who visits every other week and takes a handful of little ones on stage to dance a routine for the rest of the class. They welcome toddlers from 18-months and pre-schoolers to age 4 in the same class, so its nice and relaxed. Mums/carers get to join in if their Little One wants them to, otherwise, they are free to go do their thing while Mum watches proudly from the sidelines.

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