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Versatile Blogger AwardApologies for missing my usual posting slot of Thursday afternoons. The laptop is poorly! It’s hard drive is being rebuilt as I speak having been munched by a nasty virus at the weekend. Until this morning, when I remembered my old laptop (complete with missing ‘p’ key!), I do have to admit to feeling like I’d lost an arm or at least an extension of my fingertips.

So here’s yesterday’s post…

Turns out I’ve been nominated for my second blogging award (yay!) by the very chic Madame at the stylish and well crafted blog Becoming Madame. I remain humbled and eternally grateful!

The rules are, to tell you a little about Becoming Madame, tell you seven (fun) facts about myself and then nominate fifteen blogs I read for the award too.

  1. Photography | I think I am possibly the worst photographer in the world – if you want your head chopped off, the flash not to work or the focus to be blurred, I’m your woman! Check out posts in the Mayfair Gallery category for proof!
  2. Menu Planning | I try to do a menu plan every week. It’s a fluid arrangement and more of a guide so I don’t go totally nuts on the grocery delivery! It invariably ends up reshuffled by use by dates as per what arrives from Ocado or Waitrose and, as a rule, will almost always include a weekend roast and a quick mid-week pasta meal or stir fry.
  3. Fashion Design | I spent my summer holidays in my tweens/early teens designing wedding dresses and other clothes. I was inspired by the weddings of Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson. Let’s just say that Elizabeth Emmanuel’s job was pretty safe!
  4. Tap Dancing | I once tap danced on stage at my local theatre with my Grade I tap class as part of the dance school’s Christmas Show. Proper greasepaint pancake makeup too – I remember using a ton of baby lotion to remove it!
  5. Good Manners | I think good manners are important and that more people in this world could use some humility. This particularly applies to colleagues in the work place at all levels!
  6. Handbags | I believe in a good handbag. ‘Nuff said. If you have shares in either Chanel, Longchamp, Burberry, or Mulberry – s’ok, you’re welcome!
  7. First Love | Sean Connery, Fred Astaire and Dirk Bogarde were my first three loves. I have the happiest memories of Christmas Day in front of old Bond films, and lazy winter afternoons whiled away watching Top Hat, Doctor in the House and others at my grandparents’ house (this may also explain No 4!). Who needed Cinderella and Prince Charming?

And now for my nominations for some most excellent and versatile blogging!

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The Happy Logophile
The Singing Mummy
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© Mayfair Mum, 2011

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