Poem | Digging up Worms

I wrote this last year, when it seemed the Little Chap wasn’t interested in the garden toys we had bought him to play with, but instead all he really wanted to do was get into the garden shed and be like Mummy and Daddy!

Tools for the garden, all covered in germs;
Spades, forks and trowels for digging up worms.
Set free in the garden, to jump and to run,
Playing with toys, it’s all so much fun.
For a two year old chap, yes hello, that’s me;
There’s so much to smell, touch and see.
When Mummy & Daddy let me out of my bed,
The greatest temptation of all is – the shed!
With tools for the garden, all covered in germs,
Spades, forks & trowels for digging up worms.

This year, we’ve expanded the toys and bought him his own fork, rake, trowel and watering can, so he can help us in the garden and begin to learn what it’s all about. We’ve already planted a sunflower with him and some beans and lettuces. He’s nurturing tomatoes apparently too at nursery!

How do you keep your little ones distracted occupied when you’re busy in the garden or do they just dig up worms?

© Mayfair Mum, 2012

5 thoughts on “Poem | Digging up Worms

    • Thanks for the lovely comment! It’s good to be back – even better to be welcomed!
      Grannie Daycare used to come and top up the bird feeder for me with the Little Chap but they’ve gone hungry recently as she’s scaled back her time with him since he started doing more days at nursery. Not sure he’s actually found any worms yet – just spiders and woodlice! LOL
      MM x

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