It’s not Happy Mother’s Day, but…

As Mayfair Dad and I visit the hospital this morning with our Little Chap to get his poorly fractured ankle checked out, I had to introduce you to Hovercraftdoggy, a blog by a couple of architects I happened to stumble upon yesterday when they were good enough to like my Silent Sunday post.

What I particularly want to share with you are these Happy Mother’s Day images they posted, as they pretty much sum up how I feel about today. The Little Chap is, not surprisingly, a little worried about our hospital visit today. The last few times we took him to hospital were pretty grim for him, involving lots of needles and ouches – he even growled at a nurse he was so fed up with it all!

Today should be a lot easier for him as I expect no more than an x-ray and the removal of his half cast. There may be a little bandaging or worst case the application of a full cast, but definitely no needles.

That is what these images bring to mind for me, that aspect of our parenting role that is protection and reassurance and companionship and just being there when we’re needed.

Though he’ll never read it, I’d also like to say a big thank you to my boss and Mayfair Dad’s employers too, who have been at letting us take time off to be with the Little Chap in his hours of need so we can fulfil that role. Truly grateful.

2 thoughts on “It’s not Happy Mother’s Day, but…

    • Thanks for asking – spots are pretty much gone now, his infection is all cleared up and we’re hoping they might remove his full cast on Tuesday 🙂
      Then hopefully we get our boisterous Little Chap back (yikes!) x

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