It’s Summer Time!

So, we’ve survived the chickenpox infection, managed the weeks in plaster and even celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, bringing us to the middle of June and, according to the Little Chap’s wall calendar, the first month of Summer which, I have to say, is not meeting anyone’s weather expectations at.all.

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A new season however is always a good time to take stock of the bigger picture (calendar) in the middle of the daily rush (to do list), to make sure we acknowledge what we have achieved and check progress made towards our goals, whether personal or professional. This simply allows us to readjust and refocus them where required.

Back in the Spring, I shared my mild but growing sense of panic and loss that the days on the calendar were counting down too fast to the day in September when I lose my baby to the school machine. My antidote to the panic was (as is my habit!) to make a list. In this case, a list of what I wanted to do with him before our all too brief “Mummy moon” is over (not that I’ll be going anywhere when he starts nursery and, I’m now realising, we may even have more time together after school for a while than we do now…)

Anyway, I promised to come back and review my goals for you. Well, more to make sure I stayed on track than for your benefit I’m afraid, but if it helps, well it’s a pleasure! My conclusion is that this was a worthwhile exercise and one I shall continue so stop reading now if I’ve bored you to tears already or make a fresh cuppa and stay with me if you’re even remotely curious about how/what I have done with them…

Spring Goal Progress to date
Book and plan (i.e. don’t just wing!) two family summer holidays We’ve booked two one week holidays for early July and early August.
Think of at least one fun activity I can do with the Little Chap for each week and schedule them in my diary The Little Chap’s bout of chickenpox and fractured ankle had us breaking out table based arts and crafts activities and cooking up as much fun as we could muster! We made finger puppets, a giraffe and starting (but not finishing…) a set of lion/lion cub spoon puppets. We also had fun dressing up as pirates and knights (well, the Little Chap did!) and exploring a castle with Mayfair Dad.
Schedule visits/play dates with friends and family for the days I’m not working or on holiday in July/August Last month the Little Chap’s new school invited us to a meeting and told us what we need to know and might expect about life as parents of a young chap in their nursery. We networked like crazy to meet as many parents of his new chums-to-be as we could and have made lots of promises to arrange play dates and meet ups…
Agree at least three day-trips with Mayfair Dad that we can do with the Little Chap at weekends with Mayfair Dad or during the week with Grannie Daycare or friends We went to Whipsnade Zoo with Grannie and to Clifford’s Tower, York with Mayfair Dad.
Remember to praise the Little Chap when he makes good choices or listens to his grown-ups I don’t feel I’ve made enough of a conscious effort at this, as life has been a bit “out of the ordinary” to say the least this last month in particular. However, I have noticed a distinct calming down in the Little Chap as he hits three and a half but this may also be due to a change of nursery, which may be more responsible than my efforts at praising the positive. I have also recently tried the “kids who feel better behave better” approach by trying to ask the Little Chap for a hug when actually, I want to yell at him. Loudly. Early days on this technique but when I’ve been able to get him to cuddle up, it has worked!
Organise a birthday party for my big day We did and we rescheduled it due to the chickenpox etc… but with hind sight I needed to give it more focus.
Refocus my healthy eating goals (to eat breakfast on work days and drink more water) Have been eating breakfast on workdays but could make healthier choices. Could definitely drink more water!
Look into signing up to walk/run a Race for Life again this year and start training  Honestly, I just haven’t had time to visit the website and sign up, much less to train. Maybe one for next year?
Continue to work towards my Good Reads target of at least 12 books this year 6 down, 6 to go. I was motoring with this one but then I got a bit stuck on Eleanor of Aquitaine. I  then got into it again but had no time to read…grrr!
Put at least one-third of my Thursday afternoon “me” time to better use than sitting drinking tea, cleaning up or running errands For me: a body massage, a reflexology session and a wash, cut and blow dry. I’ve scheduled lunch with an old friend and colleague and I’ve booked my tickets to BritMums 2012!For home & family: I’ve also kept the house clean and tidy enough, have completed paperwork for the new school term and with Mayfair Dad’s help, have arranged for new carpet to be fitted on the stairs and landing this month.For me & the Little Chap: signed up to attend a four-week course on home-working with preschoolers

Updated Goals for the Summer

  • Research possible activities/day trips/visits for summer holidays. (Review & update holiday packing list – we won’t need the potty (yay!) but probably shouldn’t forget the Little Chap’s toilet seat..!)
  • Plan a day out with the Lovely Friend Around the Corner and her daughter (previously known as Lovely Neighbour) and another with Grannie if we can manage it and pray for the sun to join us!
  • Maintain momentum with School Gate Mums and schedule July/August dates now!
  • Schedule Little Chap’s request to repeat visit to Bekonscot Model Village with Mayfair Dad and book tickets to a local Thomas the Tank Engine ride in September…
  • Keep recognising the Little Chap’s good behaviour especially that related to his new school’s “Golden Rules”.
  • Properly focus on organisation of rescheduled 40th for me and Mayfair Dad (i.e. chase RSVPS, order cake & canapes, make i-tunes playlist and plan decorations now…!
  • Make healthier choices for breakfast in the office and drink more water.
  • Try to get the Little Chap out of the house earlier so I have time to drive home and walk to the station, saving £3.50 a day parking fees!
  • Try to schedule more reading time.
  • Maintain me-time on Thursdays and stop to drink more tea (going easy on the cake unless I start walking to the tube)!

And looking forward to Autumn, I’ll now add..

  • Schedule “special time” with the Little Chap on nursery days by getting up earlier
  • Confirm request for new hours is agreed with employer
  • Sort out Little Chap’s school uniform for September
  • Time new school run before school holidays start
  • Plan healthy packed lunches for Autumn term – all suggestions welcome!
© Mayfair Mum, 2012
Image credit: Tetra Images/Corbis

3 thoughts on “It’s Summer Time!

    • Nice to hear from you again Sparkle 🙂

      I think it must be my age LOL but if I don’t make a list, I lose the plot and nothing gets done!

      I also believe if there’s something in life I really want, I’ve got to help make it happen (often easier said than done!) – my dreams won’t realise themselves.

      Having said that spontaneity and going with the flow have to be factored in to life as well otherwise we’d all be worn out 😉 Have a great summer x

  1. You’ve motivated me to start setting some goals! I’m pretty organized but don’t really plan our days well in advance. I think it would be nice though to have some sort of agenda so that I’m not always scrambling for something to do.

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