It’s been a year already?

Saturday was a special day for me. It was the first anniversary of Mayfair Mum.

This makes me proud for several reasons. When I first contemplated writing a blog, I never imagined for one minute that it would become the focus of so much of my time or the source of so much fun, of many lovely new friends, of new challenges, new skills and a renewed sense of appreciation and satisfaction for a job well done.  I think the appreciation and satisfaction is why blogging has become such a phenomena among women who are also parents (aka mummy bloggers!). I don’t mean that blogging is or should be all about the stats but that whatever we blog about, successful and rewarding blogging is interactive by nature. It is not just about standing up to be counted, to spout forth about whatever floats our boats to whoever may be passing, only for it to be forgotten about forever more. No. It is about putting something out there, promoting it to people who might find it interesting, refreshing, thought provoking and getting something back.

Blogging, for the parent at home is the online equivalent of having someone come up to you at the office coffee machine to ask how your day is going (when you haven’t actually had an adult conversation since you grunted goodnight to your child’s father the previous night and weren’t anticipating another for at least another eight hours). It is finding someone to share a witty/funny/informative story with you and patting you on the back for what you’ve contributed to the day whether a rant, an anecdote, a recipe or a photograph.

I certainly didn’t think I’d still be here blogging away after a whole year. In fact I didn’t think I’d be able to write so much – this will be my 73rd post in just 12 months – that’s an average of 6 posts each month – I thought I’d struggle to find one a month!

So as I say

Thank You!

  • To everyone at Wordpress for your lovely blog platform, that even I can use
  • To everyone and anyone who reads, subscribes, likes or comments on my pitiful outpourings, random garblings and occasional whines
  • To all those who have helped or inspired me along the way via Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook

I thought I’d offer you some highlights of a year in the life of Mayfair Mum:

It started in earnest in August, when there was a glimpse of hope in the Mayfair household as I wrote about the Hair Wash Day Blues. In September, I got into the spirit of blogging by writing for my new friend, Kristina at Owning Kristina. It was a busy time as we’d just started to potty train the Little Chap, and in October, I took a moment to reflect on the Little Chap’s potty training success.

In November, I reviewed some recent reads and through asking how you keep track of what you’ve read, discovered goodreads too! It was also a bittersweet month as I said Goodbye toddler and hello little boy as the Little Chap turned three. Come December, Perhaps it was the Festive Season or just the Christmas Rush but I was lucky enough to win several awards (thank you!) and write my most popular post to date. Which was just as well as it carried me through illness in January, when my writing was a bit like me – Ugh! and through February, when I took a break.

In March, however I was inspired to return with a more creative angle, also contributing regular Silent Sunday photos to the blog and even another poem! Come April, I stayed true to my more creative theme with Easter things to make and do Then, in May, I shared some issues we’d had with childcare before reviewing some of my favourite books for children and adding my first video to the blog – a trailer for old Top Cat himself!

Then June,  brought us the Diamond Jubilee and BritMums Live 2012 gave me the chance to network and exchange my non-existent business cards as I made new blogger friends, met a few “old” friends in the flesh, which brings us back to the July question of how to balance your time as a mother with the read | write equation.

Here’s hoping I find a happy balance and continue to enjoy and improve my writing next year as much as I have in the last twelve months!

Thanks for reading and here’s to year 2!

Mayfair Mum x

4 thoughts on “It’s been a year already?

  1. Congrats on making it past the 1 year milestone! It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? So glad to have connected with you, and look forward to reading about what your next year brings. 🙂

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