A Review of Little Books for Little Stockings

I don’t think I need to tell you how much I love books or how important I think bedtime stories are in helping children to learn to read and develop a life long love of learning from books full stop.  So you can imagine my pleasure when Egmont, the children’s publisher of such delights as Thomas the Tank Engine, MR. MEN and other favourites, asked me if I’d be interested in reviewing three of their new Christmas titles!

Egmont are the masters of the child sized book. They publish all those little “My First … Library” collections of four or five mini board books in a box sleeve. We’ve had Postman Pat, Rupert, In the Night Garden and Thomas & Friends in our time and not only does the small size encourage little hands to literally get to grips with books, their accessibility improves manual dexterity and stimulates curiosity as to what exactly lies within those pages. They also publish the smaller paperback MR MEN and Thomas and Friends stories to name just two. Ideal for the older preschooler who likes a good story but still likes a bright, colourful and clear image to accompany it.

Little Chap has enjoyed each one of the new titles we received, as I’ve read them to him at bedtime in the last few weeks. We don’t watch Everything’s Rosie on CBeebies, but Little Chap enjoys reading about her adventures in their magazines. So when we read Everything’s Rosie The Last Snowball, I wasn’t sure how loved it would be. When questioned however, he said his favourite part of the story was the snowball!

When Big Bear wakes up from his deep winter sleep, he’s sad to find that he’s missed out  on all the fun that snow can bring. Rosie and her friends do everything they can to recreate winter fun, but sledging and snow angels don’t work without snow. Will they find a way to cheer up Big Bear?

Given that we have read every single one of the Thomas and Friends Library, at least a dozen times each since Little Chap’s first birthday, I was ecstatic to receive a title I hadn’t actually read before. Thomas and Friends Snowy Tracks features everyone’s favourite blue engine in a new Christmas special. The island of Sodor is covered in a thick blanket of snow and the engines have been told to be careful and not to go over any big hills. Gordon doesn’t listen, he’s sure that he’ll be strong enough to steam over every hill he comes to. But it isn’t long before Gordon finds out that snow is much more dangerous than it looks!

I was far more into my MR. MEN books than Thomas the Tank Engine when I was a little girl, despite my parents buying me a smattering of both. We have a few of the titles on our bookshelves and Little Chap seems to love the bright, simple pictures, funny situations and fantasy lands mingling with real life problems and solutions they offer up each time. MR. MEN Meet Father Christmas | Roger Hargreaves proved no exception.

When Little Miss Tiny secretly wishes she could visit Father Christmas she doesn’t expect her wish to come true. But magical things really do happen at Christmas and crazy things too when you’re with the Mr. Men and the Little Miss! Complete with celebrating sheep, yellow snow, sneezing elves and a very sooty Father Christmas, this is another classic Mr. Men story.

With sparkly covers these books make the perfect Christmas stocking filler for any pre-schooler or early reader.

For Info:

You can find out more about Egmont publications at www.egmont.com and follow them on Twitter @EgmontUK

Availability: All books are available now to buy from good book retailers.

Rating: 4.5/5

Disclosure: We were sent these books in order to write an honest review. I am an Amazon Affiliate. If you click on any of the Amazon links embedded in my posts and make a purchase I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. But first, try your library or local independent bookstore.

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