Poem | Digging Up Worms

Prose for Thought

I’ve been wanting to join in with the Prose for Thought linky run by Victoria at Verily Victoria Vocalises for months now, but it seems my muse has deserted me.

So instead, I’ve decided to just jump right in and link up anyway, in the hope it will inspire me to come up with some fresh material. This week is the week, so I’ve unearthed (ha!) a poem I wrote and posted previously when Little Chap was enjoying getting stuck into anything messy in the garden. This made gardening far more stressful than I ever thought it was intended to be!

Hope you enjoy Digging Up Worms and linking up with Victoria and finding other far more talented poets than I could ever hope to be!

120322 Digging up WormsTools for the garden, all covered in germs;
Spades, forks and trowels for digging up worms.
Set free in the garden, to jump and to run,
Playing with toys, it’s all so much fun.
For a two year old chap, yes hello, that’s me;
There’s so much to smell, touch and see.
When Mummy & Daddy let me out of my bed,
The greatest temptation of all is – the shed!
With tools for the garden, all covered in germs,
Spades, forks & trowels for digging up worms.
Mayfair Mum, 2012

12 thoughts on “Poem | Digging Up Worms

  1. I really enjoyed this, it’s such fun and really makes me recall when my girls were younger still and we were in the habit of sterilising everything but gave up the day Ellie ate a handful of dirt from the garden!

  2. Ditto. I am far more chilled and enjoy them a lot more now (my girls are 3)

    I’m puzzled by one thing- whys it called prose for thought if it’s a poetry linky??

    • Thanks Katie – it got worse when Little Chap started learning about mini beasts, snails and caterpillars at school! Want to capture the enthusiasm but not the tetanus! Ha ha!

  3. Good to hear of a kid getting nice and dirty and playing with worms! So many parents seem scared of a bit of mud these days. I don’t know how mum used to get the mud out of our clothes using that old twin tub, but we would regularly come home caked in the stuff if it had been raining. It never did us any har….aggghhhhhh….

  4. This is so fabulous. I am really chuffed that you have wanted to link up with Prose for Thought, and it is fantastic to have you here. May you continue to be inspired and I hope to see you again very soon indeed. Keep writing – you have a talent 🙂 x

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Vicky!
      I’m so glad you like it. There’s very little point writing poems if they aren’t going to be read and bring people pleasure is there?
      I have a few more waiting in the wings for later 🙂 I look forward to reading all your other talented contributors’ work too. I’ve already subscribed to one or two bloggers whose poems I enjoy so thank you for starting such a great linky!

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