Poem | A Friend in the Dark

Prose for Thought

Room silent
Covers heavy and warm
Silence but the tick of water
Heating pipes.

A rustle
Soft padding feet
A creak.

Little body
Clings to mine.

Curled, foetal
Thumb sucked hard,
Soft bear wedged in my neck.

A child’s loneliness
In the dark
Is gone once more.

We wait for morning light.

5 thoughts on “Poem | A Friend in the Dark

  1. Beautiful! I love “A child’s loneliness/in the dark/is gone once more”. I do like early morning snuggles in the dark.

  2. Oh I adore this – just beautiful. There is nothing nicer than warm morning snuggles. My two both end up in my bed each night. I’ll be heartbroken when they stop!

    • You’re right Pooky and thank you for your kind words. It is so easy to moan about the early starts or broken sleep but we have to savour those cuddles – there WILL come that time when they won’t be given any more *sob*

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