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No. It’s not Mayfair Dad’s birthday or Father’s Day but he is very special and I don’t always manage to make him feel it. It’s also time for this week’s Prose for Thought link up and although I wrote and published this poem some time ago, you can always say thank you more than once, right?

Hope you like it.

To My Husband
Thanks for being my best friend, for nearly half my life,
Thanks for being brave enough to take me as your wife,
I’m really glad you’ve been there through the good times and the bad,
And I just can’t begin to thank you for our gorgeous little lad.
While sometimes as his Mummy I can get in quite a flap,
With your support I know we’ll raise a proper little chap.
So here’s to you my darling man you make me very glad,
You really are my favourite guy and a truly awesome Dad!

© Mayfair Mum, 2011

8 thoughts on “Poem | To My Husband

  1. What a lovely poem, you are right, we don’t say these kinds of things enough and a poem like this says it all.

    Thank you for your comment on Marion’s poem the other week. I am pretty new to blogging and #pocolo, my latest post is “Dear Cat… what do I do about my step sister’s wedding?…” if you fancy checking it out?

    Take care, till next time, Cat xx

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