Silent Sunday


15 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. Good job Mayfair Mum! I’m guessing your boy, like my girls, think your cake baking and decorating talents know no abounds? Looks like you lived up to his expectations too… how did it taste?

    You might like a daft poem I wrote recently about Lyra’s grand expectations for her birthday cake (inc a picture of the cake I ended up baking, which passed.. Phew!)

  2. I’m sure I commented here? Can you double check your spam filter doesn’t think I’m a robot please Mayfair Mum? I love this cake – I hope your BIG boy did too? x

    • You’re ok, my robots don’t hate you Pooky – I’ve just been a bit slow to approve all the lovely comments I’ve been lucky enough to receive this week 🙂 Didn’t realise that pic was the one you actually baked – respect mama! 🙂

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