Poem | The Tie That Won’t Tie

TieIt’s tricky, It’s slippery
It’s ever so wriggly
Too high, then too low
Too tight, then too loose.

Gah! It’s the tie that won’t tie!

Frustration, then anger
An explosion, a moan
A stamp of my feet
Please throw me a bone!

I’m so cross with the tie that won’t tie!

“Knight round the tower
Knight round again
Knight up the ramparts
Knight down the drain”

That’s how I must tie that tie.

The rhyme it is simple
With logic, it’s true
So why when I try it
Do I get in a stew?

Tying the tie that won’t tie?

Here’s Mummy. She’s offered
To help me again
She thinks she’s being nice
But I feel such a pain

I just need to try it again.

I want to be able
To tie it myself
To win me a medal
For high on my shelf

For tying the tie that won’t tie!

Then, calmly one morning
I tie up my tie
Not slippery, or wiggly
There’s mud in your eye!

I’ve mastered the tie that won’t tie!

Prose for Thought

8 thoughts on “Poem | The Tie That Won’t Tie

    • Thanks for commenting. Truly his determination from day one to master it himself was admirable. I thought I’d be stuck doing it every morning but he’s so proud of himself now he knows he can do it himself, I’m really chuffed for him. I’m sure your boys will have as much fun in due course x

  1. :). Very apt for me at the moment… My son was taught a ‘basic’ tie knot at school, but now he’s moved onto catering college and has to wear one for front of house sessions wants a ‘decent’ knot. I tried to show him the double windsor, but realised it’s been so long since I’ve worn a tie I’d forgotten how! Thankfully Youtube had a good selection of instructional videos and we’re BOTH up to speed. Oh, the pain, the pain… #Prose4T

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