Poem | On Shoes

Like many others too I’m sure,
I can look upon a shoe
And wonder what size foot, so pure
Will be small enough to do.

Though they come in different sizes
See the problem I have found
Is if they are not wide enough
My feet won’t lift up off the ground!

I find it rather boring
To have to sing this song
Shoe manufacturers everywhere
Have got it all so wrong.

I do not have enormous feet
In fact they’re rather pretty
The trouble is they’re wider
Than most shoes and that’s the pity.

There’s pretty shoes and work shoes
High heeled boots and flat ones
But the only thing they’ll do for me
Is exacerbate those bunions!

Though black or brown are perfect
For going up to town
To work inside an office
They sure won’t cause a frown.

Then there’s heels, stacked to the sky
All beautiful and arty
Though impossible to walk in
They’d be perfect for a party.

Shoe makers everywhere, let’s talk,
Around the table sit.
If in your shoes I’m gonna walk
Please – offer us a wider fit!

Prose for Thought

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