Poem | We all need a dream

Half term ended up being quite stressful, for reasons best not recounted here. So did the week after.

Happily, last week, Mayfair Dad and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary. Little Chap had a weekend break with his grandparents and we escaped to the country. To the Goodwood Hotel no less, for some rest, relaxation and much needed “us” time. It was our first such trip since before Little Chap arrived and we had so much fun, during those few stolen hours, reconnecting with our almost long lost pre-parenting selves, we have decided to make it a more regular thing if we can.

And that’s before you take into account the glorious Sussex countryside all around the hotel, the MOST comfortable night’s sleep I’ve EVER had in any hotel anywhere, the indulgent back massage in the discreet spa and the luxury of lazy pre- and post-dinner drinks wrapping around a most delicious meal (all locally, organically reared or sourced). As for breakfast…it’s amazing we actually left. But Little Chap was expecting us (his terms, not ours!) and we couldn’t let him down or he might never let us do it again!

So healed, I have been, as Yoda would say.

20140307-123425.jpgI always imagined a wedding in early summer, but for some reason we settled on early March and with hindsight, it was the best idea. Now every year, as we celebrate our wedding anniversary and the official start of our life together, we also enjoy the blossoming of cherry trees.

In a mild March, we may possibly enjoy our beautiful Magnolia tree also. This time of year, if not the actual day of our anniversary, is usually accompanied by cheery yellow daffodils and nodding snowdrops and other early garden blooms (in recent years, they have been invisible under the snow!). If we are lucky, we start to get the first of those achingly blue spring skies with those little fluffy clouds that race across the sky, with the help of a brisk early spring breeze.

I love this time of year, this delicate reawakening of the world from its deep winter slumber. I think I find it more energising than even the changeover from languid summer holidays to newly sharpened pencils and the brisk rollercoaster that is the new school routine in September.

So what better time of year to renew our relationship and reflect on all that we have and have had together and look forward with positive hearts to what we hope for the future.

Sorry, am I getting a little carried away here? Maybe I am. I SO needed that break!

So anyway, I thought it only polite to say a huge thank you to Mayfair Dad for such a lovely treat, so I wrote a poem. I’ll be linking it up to Victoria’s Prose for Thought Linky later, over on her blog Verily Victoria Vocalises (or Vevivos). I highly recommend you pop on over to to read the work of some decent poets or to join in yourself.

Of course, I am now worrying that these few heartfelt words are not romantic enough or what he might want to read, but you see this lovely chap has been my best, best friend for more than half my increasingly long life and you just can’t order that from Amazon now can you?

We all need a dream to cling to
When our idols fall upon the ground,
We all need a rock to ride the storm
As the waves crash all around.

We all need a friend to talk to
When a problem we must solve,
We all need a hand to guide us
When the path ahead dissolves.

We all need another heart to nurture,
To protect so we feel whole,
We all need a partner true,
Who has our back, who sees our soul.

You have been all this and more to me
Through these lives that we both share,
I need to tell you so you know,
How very glad I am you care.

Prose for Thought

3 thoughts on “Poem | We all need a dream

  1. What a lovely post and poem in celebration of the love you have for your hubby! Sounds like you had a fabulous trip away! #prose4T

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