Need A Last Minute Idea for A Special Dad? (A Review)

Disclaimer: Mayfair Dad received these products for free, but all views remain our own.

It’s not often Mayfair Dad gets to enjoy the fruits of my labours here at Mayfair Mum but this week he’s been enjoying himself luxuriating in some products I received ahead of Fathers’ Day.

Whether he grabs a quick shower to wake up for work, prefers a quick wash to rid himself of the sweat of a day’s labours (or commute!) or just enjoys the occasional hot soak after an invigorating game of his favourite sport, one of these products is bound to please the Daddy in your life. They also shouldn’t break the Piggy Bank (or Mum’s budget either!).

imageDove Men+ Care have grooming products for every kind of man – active, low maintenance or after that little bit extra. Mayfair Dad tried the Clean Comfort daily care duo pack. This comprised an anti-perspirant deodorant with 48hr protection (£3.19) – which is ideal for the busy dad who has to rush about in all weather – and their signature 1/4 moisturiser technology. Mayfair Dad was impressed with its diminutive size too – now compressed to half its original size but containing the same amount of product, so as to last the same length of time and using 50% less propellant, what makes these appealing to the greener Dad is their carbon footprint reduces by 25% as a result.

The set also included a body and face wash shower gel (£2.65) with MICROMOISTURE TM technology to help prevent skin dryness. The range also caters for sensitive skin and for the man that likes to go the extra mile with moisturisers (£8.99) and deep cleaning face scrubs (£4.49).

Radox, that tried and trusted King of family bath time brands, offer a generously Dad-sized bottle of bath soak and shower gels in a range of masculine fragrances. Is your partner an action man dad? Look no further than their Muscle Therapy (£2.31), whose ginseng and black pepper blend will gently warm muscles to ease aches and pains and leave him and your bathroom smelling nice and spicy! Perhaps he’s always on the go (show me a dad who isn’t!) in which case, the refreshing blend of fennel and sea minerals in their Radox for Men shower gel (£2.15) will put him in the right mood to start the day. If its been a long week (again!) he’ll appreciate the chance to unwind and relax with Radox Stress Relief bath soak (£2.31) fragranced with rosemary to relieve tension and leave him feeling calm and relaxed. It worked so well on Mayfair Dad, that he actually conceded that it smelled nice when asked – that sort of question usually only elicits a grunt!

Happy shopping and Happy Father’s Day!

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