Little Chap said…Nursery Nonsense


I always said I’d keep a note of all those delightful comments our son makes. You know the sort of thing – like when he gets his words back to front or says something utterly unique and delightful from his own little person’s perspective. The funnies that I want to save up for when his girlfriends come round for dinner…!

Well here are some of Little Chap’s best from the last twelve months, captured forever for posterity.

Age | 3 years, 4 months

At bedtime:

Little Chap: “That’s all the kisses and hugs I’ve got for you Mummy – now get Daddy!”(Luckily he meant just for that night!)

Standing on the bathroom scales:

Little Chap: “I weigh 8 metres!”

At lunchtime:

Little Chap: “I want to be three forever Mummy”
Mayfair Mum: “Why’s that darling…?”
Little Chap: “Because I love the way you always help me learn things” (Awww!)

Age | 3 years, 8 months

At bedtime:

Little Chap: “I need a Mummy hug!”
Mayfair Mum: “But we just hugged goodnight, now it’s time to go to sleep.”
Little Chap: “But that was to say I love you, now I need to say goodnight” (He’ll use every charm in the book not to go to sleep when he’s told!)

In the bath:

Mayfair Mum: “It’s nearly time to get out now. Just one more minute.”
Little Chap: “I’ll get out when it’s ten o’clock Mummy.”

Favourite phrase:

Mayfair Mum: “We don’t have time for … now!”
Little Chap: “Just for a little hour Mummy”

Age | 3 years, 11 months

At tea time:

He was eating cottage pie and steamed broccoli, which he had eaten, with the exception of the broccoli stalks…

Little Chap: “Look Mummy! Trees without leaves!”

Mayfair Mum x (& The Little Chap!)

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