How to…help your child eat five a day


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We all know that we should eat our five a day.

That is, five appropriately sized portions of fruit and vegetables. They boost our vitamin and mineral intake and help with healthy gut function. Easy when it’s written down on paper, but not so easy when it’s a child that doesn’t like fruit. Continue reading

A Bug’s Life – Day Trip to Butterfly World


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Little Chap and I recently visited Butterfly World at the suggestion of one my good friends. As both our little chaps had learned about the butterfly life cycle in the Nursery last year, it seemed very appropriate. Little Chap was keen to have a day out with one of his school chums too, so we packed our little “Summer Day Out” bag with Wasp-Eze and plasters, hand wipes and lunches and off we all went. Continue reading

A Review of TOP CAT: The Movie (U)


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Earlier this year, I was very excited to undertake my first PR exercise with Mayfair Mum, as we were sent the trailer promoting the launch of TOP CAT: The Movie in time for Summer Half Term 2012. We didn’t actually make it to the cinema at the time to watch it, and being keen TC fans in our day, Mayfair Dad and I were keen to see how it had been updated for the 21st century and also what Little Chap made of it all. So, imagine our delight… Continue reading