Little Chap Said…Baby Babble


I always said I’d keep a note of all those delightful comments our son makes. You know the sort of thing – like when he gets his words back to front or says something utterly unique and delightful from his own little person’s perspective. The funnies that I want to save up for when his girlfriends come round for dinner…!

Well here are some of Little Chap’s best, captured forever for posterity.

Age | 22 months

At lunchtime:

Mayfair Mum: “Is your lunch nice?”
Little Chap: “Always yummy, yes” – I’ll remember this one when he starts turning his nose up at stuff!
Mayfair Mum: “Do you like peas?”
Little Chap: “Oh yes, best friends.”

Mayfair Mum x (& The Little Chap!)