Absent without leave?


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Can you believe Little Chap is in the fourth sixth week of school summer holidays already? (Seriously, I wrote this two weeks ago already!) So apart from posting too many (fun and often delicious!) reviews (#sorry/not sorry!) what has family Mayfair been up … Continue reading

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


I am normally the first to jump up and down and do a hula dance as we herald British Summer Time and the longer, lighter evenings but even my usually unlimited enthusiasm for this positive time of year is dampened by the enduring bitter cold. Seriously, did someone move Mayfair Towers to Siberia when I wasn’t looking? Britain was colder than Lapland this weekend FFS! Continue reading



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The end of the holidays on Monday brought the Christmas decorations down and with it a bit of spring cleaning – you know how it is, as you hoover up the last of the glitter, tinsel and pine needles dropped by the tree and notice a little extra fluff accumulated where it wasn’t before… Continue reading