Poem | A Toddler’s Life


This poem, which I’m linking up to this week’s Prose for Thought linky, is another I wrote previously. When Little Chap was three, he became obsessed with all things knights and pirates. Dressing up, playing with toy figures and not … Continue reading

Poem | A Friend in the Dark


Darkness. Room silent Covers heavy and warm Silence but the tick of water Heating pipes. A rustle Soft padding feet A creak. Little body Warm Clings to mine. Curled, foetal Thumb sucked hard, Soft bear wedged in my neck. A … Continue reading

Unfinished Symphony: A Transition to Motherhood


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This post was first written for OwningKristina.com and published two years ago, on 6th September 2011. Owning Kristina is a quirky blog written by Kristina, a lovely woman, who I came across soon after I opened my WordPress account. Kristina was asking for guest bloggers to submit their posts about transitions (at the time her blog focused on her own transition), when she accepted my pitch to write this post for her weekly guest post slot.

Who knows if I would have bothered to continue if Kristina hadn’t validated my early writing by publishing this? To celebrate Little Chap’s forthcoming fifth birthday and three plus years of Mayfair Mum, here’s my transition story:

For as long as I can remember, I have been afraid of giving birth. Sure, the idea of actually being a parent freaked me out too – chocolate hand prints on the pale curtains we’d saved so hard for, toddler meltdowns in the supermarket, how to not let Baby take over my life? But before I could solve these issues, I had to be able to face the idea of actually giving birth to the little darling in the first place (well, I hoped it would be little!)… Continue reading