How to…help your child eat five a day


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We all know that we should eat our five a day.

That is, five appropriately sized portions of fruit and vegetables. They boost our vitamin and mineral intake and help with healthy gut function. Easy when it’s written down on paper, but not so easy when it’s a child that doesn’t like fruit. Continue reading

How to…plan your family’s meals


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As a busy working mum, there are some things I have to do each week, or the wheels fall off.

Simple as that.

The most important of these is making sure the fridge and food cupboard contain the necessary supplies. This consists primarily of my meal plan, which informs or is informed by my grocery order (depending how organised I am at getting it done). Most weeks my plan is born of the last minute basics in my online grocery order, but these lists were born of my meal plans…so now I’ve got me a nice little virtuous circle going on! *makes smug face* Continue reading