Poem | A Toddler’s Life


This poem, which I’m linking up to this week’s Prose for Thought linky, is another I wrote previously. When Little Chap was three, he became obsessed with all things knights and pirates. Dressing up, playing with toy figures and not … Continue reading

Learning Through Play | Pick Up Sticks


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Now our Little Chap is four, his growing concentration and sense of fair play has seen us make increasing forays into the world of family board games. You know, those interactive bits and bobs that don’t need a computer screen or a mouse? (Yes. The sort of thing you and I used to do when we were kids!). What do you mean you can’t remember that far back…? Continue reading

What did the kids really want for Christmas?


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…as the survey also found that a whopping 79% of us parenting types said they thought creative play was fundamentally important for our children’s development, here are my three top tips for making it happen without compromising on the colour of your sofa covers! Continue reading