Going Potty: Postscript

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Well, it’s almost been exactly seven weeks since we started this potty training lark and I can honestly say, my expectations of exacerbated stress levels and accidents all over the shop were totally unfounded!

The Little Chap is the proud owner of a new Makka Pakka DVD due to his success. He forgot to ask for the potty at nursery twice on Day 5 ‘cos he was too busy rushing about in the playground. However, by Day 12, only his second day at nursery, (he only goes once a week, thanks to Grannie Day Care and my mother-in-law who share his childcare while I’m at work!) he was dry all day! Although we have had the odd pair of wet/soiled pants, this has been due to either being in a new environment (play dates etc) or, when he is given too much diluted fruit squash to drink!

I thought I would take this chance to reflect on how easy the process has been for us and note a few of my own observations for anyone considering/going through this milestone with their Little One:

  • It is a whole lot easier for Mum to get behind the process when she wants to do it too – if it’s more stressful than nappies, where is your incentive to keep calm and carry on? No, you need to be sick of wrestling a stroppy toddler to the changing mat, so you can look forward to nappy free life. Oh and not being knee deep in a new baby or having the most stressful week of your life at work probably helps on the keep calm front as well.
  • The Little One has to be ready too (obviously!) so that he/she knows what sensations to look out for, can tell you they need to go, can dress/undress without help (or at least pull pants/trousers/skirt up and down!). They also need to be able to obey a command. They all have their moments though and sometimes a bit of “No! Just sit there for a minute and see what happens.” can be helpful to you both, especially when they are hopping about/crossing their legs and still refusing to go to the potty!
  • It is a great help to have friends/relatives with little ones who are already potty trained/training – this allows your own beloved to relate to the next stage of growing up as something that is more relevant to them, rather than just another thing Mummy and Daddy are telling them they have to do! I would not suggest this was a reason to push your little one too soon though as I guess it could be counter-productive.
  • Avoid neat fruit juice and even well-diluted sugar-free fruit squash as it does seem to be a bit of a diuretic – the Little Chap doesn’t seem to recognise the signs that he needs to go until it’s almost too late after a beaker of either. Strange but true and I think he is not alone. Grannie Daycare says nephews/nieces suffered the same way…so who knows?
  • I bought a portable potty/trainer seat in one and I was a bit concerned I had wasted my money. It seemed a bit stiff to convert from one to the other and I had visions of not being able to set it up in time. That said, it has been invaluable when travelling, as no matter what his preference – potty or toilet – we have one piece of equipment that will do the job. Also good for when there is no toilet available, though we haven’t experienced that yet!

So, to all those of you who are attempting this, I hope this little series of posts has been helpful.

Thanks for reading and Good Luck!

Mayfair Mum x

© Mayfair Mum, 2011

4 thoughts on “Going Potty: Postscript

  1. Well done to your little man for doing so well!! I was dreading the whole potty training experience too, but it was not half as scary as I thought it was going to be either!! 🙂 x

    • Thanks for the comment Sinead and congratulations to you too!
      Its frightening how easily we can big these things up in our heads so quickly and easily isn’t it?
      Big lesson to me to have a bit more faith in my little boy… MMx

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